Full Course: Psychological Intelligence for VC & Finance Professionals

Full Course: Psychological Intelligence for VC & Finance Professionals


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Using the same techniques, and the same elite psychologists used by security, spying and government agencies, this complete training course focuses on team specific challenges around vetting and risk in venture capital.

It covers VC/founder relationships, bias in the funding process, founder mindsets and borderline behaviour, as well as stress, wellbeing and resilience. It also looks in detail at decision making, judgement, negative personality traits, obsession, leadership, authenticity and how to combat misdirection. The course will also use a real world example to illustrate these approaches in a practical setting.

This two day interactive webinar course digs into the real life application of psychological intelligence in VC transactions. The Master Series is suitable for high performance individuals within finance or in the wider economic community.


Training takes place during two highly engaged 3 hour sessions. It includes specific traits, tells and techniques – helping participants implement some of the same approaches used by intelligence agencies, court experts and high risk operators.