Free Introduction: Hacking Psychological Intelligence

Free Introduction: Hacking Psychological Intelligence


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A solid grounding in the basics of psychological intelligence. This is a limited seat lecture style webinar, looking at risks, resilience, profiling, personality traits and likely outcomes from difficult situations.

The number one reason for failures within venture portfolios is people issues. The training will help venture teams understand basic profiling – including burnout, dishonesty, bias and personality disorders, as well as the effects of pressure and conflict. By identifying potential problems, ideally before a transaction completes, this can help VC funds to mitigate and manage risk.

This one session taster webinar takes a deep dive into the personal and interaction skills that need to be mastered, and the external landscapes that need to be navigated. The Taster Series is suitable for anyone in the finance or professional community.


Training takes place during an intense, 90 minute session. It covers the basics of psychological profiling and intelligence work, and prepares participants to apply learnings to their day to day work.