Private Session: High Risk Transactions & Crisis Management

Private Session: High Risk Transactions & Crisis Management


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An intense, fully interactive session around real world issues and questions brought to the table by the VIP attendees. This is a private, 5 seat webinar, with an intense focus on using psychological insights in sub-optimal conditions.

Crises can bring out the best and the worst in people. From heightened odds of burnout or irrational behavior, to concealing facts until it is too late, stressful situations are a trigger. In larger enterprises, with more at stake, they can also create a death spiral, as actions taken in response to triggers can cause further issues, leading to more stress, leading to more triggers.

By exploring actual participant examples, this course empowers attendees with specific intelligence signals and possible solutions to uncovered problems.


This extended, private webinar takes a deep dive into the personal and interaction skills that need to be mastered, and the external landscapes that need to be navigated. The Deep Dive Series is suitable for high level teams of up to 5 members.

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