Psychopathy and High Executive Functioning

Psychopathy and high executive functioning are often considered to be related, as individuals with psychopathy are commonly thought to exhibit high levels of cognitive and behavioural control. Executive functioning refers to the cognitive processes that are responsible for regulating behaviour and decision-making, including attention, working memory, and self-control.

Research has shown that individuals with psychopathy do tend to score high on measures of executive functioning, including measures of working memory and attention control. These high levels of executive functioning may contribute to their ability to manipulate and exploit others without remorse, as well as their ability to plan and carry out criminal activities.

However, psychopathy is a complex and multi-faceted construct that involves a range of personality, behavioural, and cognitive features. While high levels of executive functioning may be present in some individuals with psychopathy, this does not mean that all individuals with psychopathy have high levels of executive functioning, or that all individuals with high levels of executive functioning are psychopaths.


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