Dr. C

Dr. C has 20+ years experience and 40,000+ clinical hours assessing and treating patients with a range of complex mental health disorders.

He has experience as a covert consultant providing specialist psychological services to valuable assets and providing a range of bespoke services to law enforcement, governmental bodies, and the criminal justice system to minimize individual and corporate risk and to enhance resilience and informed decision making.

He has specialized in screening and supporting high risk and complex roles by assessing strengths and vulnerabilities and personality traits such as impulsivity, narcissism, and sociopathy. He has experience providing clinical opinion including formulation consultation on individuals who are manipulative and mendacious.

He has experience assessing and treating professionals with mental health problems who operate in sensitive roles. He has experience developing psychological training and delivering tailored models and solutions to a wide range of complex and adverse situations. He has experience in mediation, negotiation, and de-escalation.

He has experience screening for stress and ‘burn-out’ before emotional exhaustion leads to ineffectiveness and mistakes. Trained in tradecraft, profiling, and behavioural analysis. Working in serious organized crime and counter terrorism, he has operated with the highest level of security clearance.



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